The 5 Cs of Biotech Investing

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We produce independent and unbiased equity research on biotechnology and pharmaceutical stocks based on our proprietary 5 Cs of Biotech™ model.  


The 5 Cs are Charisma, Credibility, Catalysts, Cash, and Capital Structure.


Bio5C analysis is designed to help you make an informed investment decision by using our proprietary research. The 5C model has been proven effective in picking winners in the biopharma market. In 2019, the Bio5C Model Portfolio increased +76% compared to +33% for the XBI and +29% for the SPY. In 2020, a mix of the Bio5C Model Portfolio and the more aggressive Spec. Play Portfolio increased +53% compared to +48% for the XBi and +16% for the SPY. However, we not only identify winners, but the model is also effective in keeping you from investing in potential losers (or identifying short ideas). Throughout the history of the 5C model, the highest-scoring stocks have consistently outperformed the lowest scoring stocks. You can learn more about the success of our model under the About tab. 


Bio5C subscribers have access to the 5C Model, a Model Portfolio based on the 5Cs coupled with our valuation analysis, and detailed research and analysis on all stocks in our Coverage Universe, which includes audio podcasts and VIDEO reports. We also have a Stock Forum for quick news and analysis of individual stocks and a General Chat board where members can interact and ask questions, discuss recent posts, get alerts on trades, and learn! Visit the Subscribe tab to learn more! 


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Bio5C also offers customized equity research analysis. Clients pick the company and we produce an unbiased 5C analysis and valuation on that name. We produce a 5C score and quick overview of the technology or platform, an analysis of each key product candidate, including the preclinical and clinical data, the revenue market opportunity for each candidate, a full valuation, technical analysis, and a price target recommendation. See Bio5C Select for more details.


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Jason Napodano