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About The 5 Cs of Biotech Investing™
What does the company do? How exciting are the prospects of the company based on the science, the platform or the drug candidates, the stage of development, the market opportunity, and the competitive position? Bio5c has clinical research experience and the appropriate educational background to analyze biopharma fundamentals. This is where Bio5c's 25+ years of experience in biopharma investing really pays off for subscribers.



How good is the management team and what have they done (or not done) in the past that leads us at Bio5c to believe (or not believe) they can execute in the future? Bio5c regularly attends investment conferences and has established relationships with dozens of management teams, KOL's, and professional sell-side and buy-side investors to help provide detailed insight into this often-overlooked factor in biopharma investing.



What are the primary catalysts on the horizon that will drive the shares higher or lower? When will these events occur? Bio5c regularly speaks with partners (trading services, professional investors, etc...) to stay on top of important events. Monitoring social media and investor presentations are important tools that Bio5c uses to keep our catalyst database up-to-date.



How much cash does the company have and how long will it last? When is the last time they've raised cash? When does Bio5c project that the company will raise cash again? Bio5c has a master's degree in finance and relevant industry credentials to perform detailed financial analysis for subscribers. 



What is the true valuation for the company based on the fully-diluted share count and are there toxic financial instruments that will limit upside or act as an anchor to drag the stock price down despite positive fundamental attributes? Bio5c has previous experience working at an investment bank and understands the difference between good financings and bad financings, and how stock options, warrants, convertible debt, and high-interest loans can negatively affect stock prices.


About the Founder


Bio5c was founded by Jason Napodano in March of 2017. 


Jason has significant experience as a pharmaceutical and biotechnology stock analyst, starting his career as a laboratory technician in 1995 at the Franlin Biotechnology Center in Blacksburg, VA. Jason moved on to a research lab position with TechLab, Inc. in 1996 following his graduation from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry. 


In 2000, Jason earned his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Wake Forest University with a concentration in Finance, Securities Analysis, and Portfolio Management. Jason worked for Eastover Capital Management, a Charlotte, NC-based money management firm with $450 million in peak assets, starting in 1999 as Vice President and Senior Analyst.


In 2002, Jason earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation (revoked in 2017). In 2003, Jason joined Zacks Investment Research as the firm's Senior Pharmaceuticals Analyst. In 2009, Jason was promoted to Managing Director of Zacks Small-Cap Research, which produced sponsored research on hundreds of small-cap names in the healthcare sector.

Jason left Zacks in 2015 to form BioNap, Inc., an investor intelligence and strategic advisory firm helping small biopharmaceutical companies with investor relations and business development activities. Bio5C started in March 2017 and has been Jason's main focus ever since.

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